Tips For Increasing Audience Engagement

3 min readSep 26


Audience engagement is key when running a business as you want to ensure your social media posts are reaching the right places. But with a number of tactics and crowded markets, getting your business to stand out can take time and will require careful planning. In this article, we will be providing you with tips and tricks on how you can increase your audience engagement regardless of whether you opt for the help of SEO services or continue the work in-house.


Be Active On Social Media Platforms

One of the biggest ways to boost customer engagement is to be active on social media. By having people monitoring your page as well as the mentions that you receive you are then able to reply back within just a few minutes. This is beneficial for the relationship with your customers as it allows them to feel valued and get the answer to your problem almost instantly. As a business, you will then be able to take this complaint offline and resolve the issue for the best possible outcome.

Why Not Try Influencer Marketing?

If you are looking to boost your brand without using paid ads on the platform itself, using influencers to market your products may be beneficial. With YouTubers and mainstream celebrities advertising your products, you may be able to boost engagement over time and help your business to grow. However, this will require some time as a relationship will need to be built up with the influencer beforehand to ensure that your marketing effort is effective. Whether this is sending them free items or contacting them directly, this initial communication is needed to begin negotiating the terms of the marketing relationship.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Another way that you can begin to increase audience engagement is by adding a personality to your business. Whether this is funny one-liners or jokes with loyal followers, this can all benefit you in the long term. A prime example of this style of marketing is Wendy’s Twitter account. This account went viral in 2018 when it decided to respond to its followers with some of the funniest posts the internet has ever seen. Though these posts started off with a quick-witted reply, the media soon took these and began to cover them. This was not only a bit of light-hearted fun from the fast-food chain, but it also worked as an effective marketing technique and subsequently helped to boost sales.

Keep Hashtags Relevant

The final way that you can increase audience engagement online is to keep all hashtags relevant. If you find a number of hashtags that are trending, you can then tailor your social media posts to work with these hashtags. This is the perfect way of marketing your business as they will appear on this thread. By applying a gif or something quick-witted along with the hashtag, you can begin to market your brand in an efficient way that will engage with the target audience.

Whether you are looking to gain followers and grow your following or you are looking to solely boost engagement on a number of your posts, we are sure that some of the options listed above will help you to build your brand’s engagement and social media following. Which of these will you be implementing first?




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