Three Businesses that Have Used Technology Innovatively in Recent Times

3 min readSep 24, 2021

Putting technology to good use is imperative for businesses in the modern age, and those who fail to do so will be swept away by the tidal wave of innovators. Companies that move their respective industries forward with inventions and ideas are even more likely to succeed, as they get ahead of the curve. Here are three businesses that have used tech to their advantage in recent years.

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For a company like Volkswagen, which has been in existence since 1937, it can seem hard to move with the times. But even the world’s oldest brands are at risk of going under if they don’t adapt and evolve. Volkswagen has been wise to bring in the use of new technology to keep its offerings current and at the cutting edge of the automobile market.

It seems reasonable to speculate that, soon, cars will be autonomous. Volkswagen has aimed to preempt this and has been one of the leaders in adopting cloud-based services. The German company has added an automotive cloud specific to its brand, which improves interconnectivity between its products.

The cars also have a brand-new operating system, known as vw.os. This helps tailor the customer experience and comes with numerous advantages such as helping drivers find e-charging stations. VW expects that, by 2025, 60 percent of the software in its cars will have been developed in house.

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Genesis Casino

Online casinos represent one of the fastest moving industries in the world, and companies need to innovate to succeed. Genesis Casino is an example of a site that is constantly at the forefront of the evolution, as it adapts easily to emerging technology as well as fledgling markets. For example, it has identified India as an up-and-coming honeypot for online casino players and geared its site in the region to these people.

In terms of advanced technology, Genesis Casino uses live streaming to put players in front of table games in real time. This is so immersive that it now feels like players are sitting in a casino when, in fact, they are in the comfort of their own homes. The site also adapts to different devices using HTML5, meaning that logging on from anywhere provides the same experience.

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Nike is famous for being one of the planet’s leading sport brands, but it’s also now establishing itself as a tech giant. Indeed, of all the major fitness-based companies, the American giant that was founded in 1964 is arguably leading the way.

Nike has used modern tech to improve the customer experience on several levels. Consumers now get a personalized on-demand service, which is almost fully automated. They can customize their shoes using apps and connect to the Nike Run Club App to record their fitness activity. Nike has also collaborated with Apple to get its name onto the Apple Watch.




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