The Top 11 Most Famous Scientists of Today

1. Alain Aspect

Alain Aspect made a crucial breakthrough in quantum theory, awarding him with a CSNR Gold medal. Aspect is also a member of the French Academy of Technologies and Sciences. He demonstrated the phenomenon of entanglement, which Einstein once rejected.

2. Timothy Bernes-Lee

Timothy Bernes-Lee is one of the famous scientists today who invented the world wide web. Queen Elizabeth II knighted him for his pioneering work. He is popularly known for his proposal to share info by using hypertext technology, the WWW base.

3. David Baltimore

David Baltimore is presently a biology professor at the California Institute of Technology. He also received a Nobel Prize in 1975, along with two other scientists, Renato Dulbecco and Howard Temin. The award was for discovering the interaction between the cell’s genetic material and tumor viruses.

4. John Craig Venter

John Venter is one of the most influential and famous scientists of today. Many credited him with creating the first cell with synthetic genomes during 2010.

5. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is popularly known as the world’s expert on chimpanzees. She spent over 55 years staying and studying chimpanzees’ behavior. She studied wild chimps on how their social and family interactions.

6. Ashoke Sen

Ashoke Sen is a famous theoretical Physicist giving field-changing research about string theory. He won many international awards, including the Fundamental Prize in Physics in 2012. His studies on S-duality and Sen Conjecture also made him more known.

7. Allen Bard

Allen Bard got awarded the National Medal of Science for his contributions to electrochemistry. He discovered the ECL, which enabled the medical community to analyze DNA and detect HIV. In 2013, President Obama awarded him with the National Medal of Science.

8. Tu Youyou

Tu YouYou is one of the most famous scientists in her study about the anti-malaria drug. She became the first Chinese woman ever to win a Nobel Prize in 2015. YouYou’s drug saved millions of lives in Asia, Africa, and other countries.

9. Elizabeth Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn discovered that telomeres have a specific DNA. It can help prevent chromosomes from breaking down. She won a Nobel Prize for her progress in anti-aging research.

10. Kenneth Chien

Kenneth Chein’s research focuses on the field of cardiovascular medicine and biotechnology. He has over 1000 citations and 132 h-indexes. His study on cardiovascular medicine led to his co-founding of Moderna Therapeutics.

11. Andre Constantine Geim

Geim, together with Novoselov, won a Nobel Prize for their work on graphene in 2010. Graphene is a carbon allotrope with a super-conductive form. The material is a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice made from a single layer of atoms.

Most Famous Scientists of Today

Get on track by knowing the people who are changing your lives starting from the past till now. Do you already know some of these famous scientists? Well, tell us if we missed anything down in the comments below.



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