The Best OKR Software

  • Better Alignment: Remove goal conflict by getting everyone focussed on the right goals
  • More Ambition: Unlock great performance by setting stretch goals
  • Extra Engagement: Engage and retain employees by empowering them with real business goals

ZOKRI — Best OKR Software for SMBs

When we’re defining an SMB think of a company of 20–500 people that is either wanting to grow or managing growth. For this type of company OKRs make a lot of sense as they will help to focus and align employee efforts whilst keeping teams agile and focused on the most important challenges being faced.

Betterworks — OKR Software for Enterprise

If you’re an Enterprise organization with over 3,000 people then consider Betterworks. It has been around since 2013, and early OKR pioneer John Doerr, is a Betterworks investor and board member. He is also the author of the popular OKR book ‘measure what matters’.

Google Sheet — OKR Software for Start-ups

You’ve got two choices as a start-up with less than 20 people, use a spreadsheet or an SMB solution like ZOKRI. For small teams, due to the size, alignment, communications, check-in management and reporting are not usually challenges that need to be solved with software. So it might be easier to start with a Google Sheet and make that the focus of a weekly company meeting.



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