How To Make Money Online from Home for Beginners

3 min readNov 11, 2021

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to stay indoors and work from home. Salaries were reduced significantly while many lost their jobs. Fortunately, the advent of advanced technology like computers and smartphones has helped many to earn money online. There are a wider range of options available on the web to make money. You can indulge in such work either part-time or full time. But being a beginner, you might not know what to do and where to approach. Although the newspapers and online-based job portals have numerous online work offers, the majority however are just scams or pay little money. You can also earn extra income during your spare time with some knowledge and tips from the industry experts.

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Easy ways to make money online

1. Sell old stuff:

You can earn some money by selling unused or second-hand stuff online. For this, you may use different social media portals like Facebook, Craigslist, etc. Used books are considered to be among the best-selling items. You may consider selling your unwanted books or even buy it from some friends and resell it online. There are several online bookstores including Amazon that can help you to make the purchase. Garage sales are also popular.

2. Freelance Writing:

If you are good in using words and think creatively, then this is the best online job that should do. There is constant demand for good, creative content. You can engage in blogging and article writing and earn a good amount or even make a career out of it. This way, you can make money from home using a computer/laptop and internet.

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3. Write a book:

If you have lots of experience and expertise in a particular domain, then why not write a book on it. If you are not good at writing skills, then you can request a family member or friend to help you. Otherwise, hire a paid writer.

4. Online tutorials:

With almost all students going online with their school studies, the demand for online coaching has increased. This can prove to be a fruitful business if you have some online skills and proper educational qualifications. You can do some research to know how to make money online through online coaching.

5. Take surveys:

It is one of the ways to make money online especially for students with spare time. Some sites do pay well for your valuable feedback and product/service experience shared.

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6. Affiliate marketing:

If you search Google for ‘how to make money online’ category, you are sure to find this niche. You do not have to invest in high traffic site to engage in affiliate marketing. You may use portals like Facebook to promote products to family and friends through affiliate links. It case you do not own any business, then you can become an affiliate marketer for other business. People clicking on your link to make purchase will indirectly help you to make money from home. You do not have to do much, but only create and publish your links on different portals. Then wait & watch your money grow.

7. Virtual Assistant:

There are several micro-niche sites like Upwork, Zirtual and Fiverr where you can search for such online jobs. You can register with them and get engaged as a virtual assistance to one or multiple clients. It is easy to earn money online from this niche if you have some niche experience. Generally, those with experience are only preferred in a specific field.

Knowing how to make money online through different platforms will ensure you do not have to leave your home.




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