How To Find Company Information Using These Simple Steps

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Finding information about a particular company may sound like a very easy task. But, what is necessary is the authenticity of the information or the sources from where the company information is extracted. Whether you have an idea in collaboration with the company or you interviewing with the company, having accurate information about the company is necessary. Knowing about the company is as essential as working on your skills to crack a particular position.


Insights of a company can be gained from various websites, company brochures, employee word of mouth, and many more. Information about the company includes a list of the board of directors of the company, the product or service the company deals in, the year of establishment, financial news, announcements, and other relevant information. Tofler Brings to you a series of simple steps, from where company information can be extracted:

  1. Tofler: Tofler is a company research platform that lets the user access records of information accommodated in the database. They provide integrated business information that helps the readers to get an overall view of the business in just a few reads. A connected well-researched company information database allows investors to make better business decisions. Through advanced technology applications, it builds company profiles delivering authoritative information.
  2. LinkedIn: Mostly, LinkedIn is used to seek jobs and apply to them by professional job seekers by showcasing their related work experience and skills. But, LinkedIn is a hub of all industry-related information. You can extract information about an existing company from the LinkedIn Company Search feature, and it displays the company page and its listed information. LinkedIn members can search for company information with search criteria like company size, location, career opportunities, etc.
  3. Google News: Though it is not a complete company review site. You can still find out about the company through Google News by identifying news articles about the company you want to know about. You can find information that cannot be readily available through direct sources like press releases, pending litigations, and many more. You may not find the exact company profile that you might be looking for, but Google news displays the necessary company information that is needed to start.
  4. Reporting Accounts: This website is developed by a team of system engineers from Bengaluru, where individuals seeking company information can find value-added corporate and industry-related information. Reporting accounts contain a database with over 35000 company listings spread across 75 + countries. Groups of potential investors, and stakeholders often visit websites like Reporting Accounts to find accurate information about the company they would like to invest in. Information such as competitive analysis news, company extensions, subsidiary lists, and international ventures can be found here. With a categorized menu, it is easy for people who visit this website to navigate through business information. It has a user-friendly interface that is easily adapted, and there is no signup policy required.
  5. Crunchbase: Established in 2007, a startup to serve accurate company information was founded. Crunchbase takes pride in offering reliable and informative company data to its potential seekers. Listing up to 50,000 companies, Crunchbase’s database is going intense day by day as most users on the internet prefer this base instead of slogging through different Google websites. Additionally, it provides a feature for the general public to update company info, which will be reviewed by a team moderator before uploading it to the database. Listed among the top 5 search engines, Crunch base provides correct and updated company information across the globe. Readers can access information about different companies simultaneously without creating chaos over the internet, build applications, and access programmable interfaces for applications at a reasonable market price.
  6. Reuters: Owned by Thomson Reuters, this website offers sufficient company information like news, quotes, company fundamentals, vision, portfolio tracking, financial market analysis, and many more. It is a news agency that has provided accurate company information since 1851. Users can view the biographical information, institutional stockholders, stock trade reports, and investment analysis about a particular company.
  7. GlassDoor: GlassDoor is among the top recruiting sites that offer valuable insights from employees and visitors. With the mission to help people find suitable jobs, it also provides user-submitted content. It provides information about company salaries, different career options, contact information, etc. to help you decide whether the company is going to work for you or not.

The above information is verified and consolidated. With these websites, finding company information becomes easier. While you are looking for information, try not to look for information from the competitors at the cost of authenticity, Visit these websites for accurate company information that will help you make informed decisions. Assess the company’s profile to find the exact information that you are looking for.




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