Golf Cart Battery Maintenance: Tips to Extend Their Life

3 min readApr 25, 2023

Golf cart batteries are necessary to power any electric golf cart, which is one of the most popular types of golf carts for all types of uses. Whether you have an electric golf cart for an actual round of golf, or you use an electric golf cart for another purpose, knowing how to properly maintain your golf cart’s battery will help you get the most out of your equipment. Use these tips from Industrial Batteries & Accessories Ltd. to extend the life of your golf cart battery.

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Get a Baseline Reading

Before you ever take your golf cart out for its first run, fully charge its battery. Then, pay close attention to how long it takes before the battery is completely drained. You will never get as much charge time from your battery as you do when it’s brand new, so allowing it to fully charge and drain the first time will let you know how long the battery can hold a charge. Down the road, you can use this baseline reading as a comparison for potential issues.

Charge Before Fully Drained

Except for that first time, try not to fully deplete your battery’s charge before putting it on the charger. It’s best not to let the battery drain beyond 80% of full capacity, as these deep-cycle batteries are not designed to fully drain every time. You may have heard of some batteries that need to be completely dead before fully charging again so that they retain their capacity. That isn’t true for golf cart batteries, so avoid seeing that flashing charging indicator whenever possible.

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Clean Battery Acid Right Away

When your golf cart battery is charging, it will be releasing hydrogen gas, water, and acid, which will settle on the battery itself. If it isn’t cleaned off fairly quickly, it can start to corrode your battery’s components. To avoid expensive repairs, clean your battery frequently with a mixture of baking soda and hot water. Shut off the vent caps and cover the electrical parts, then use a wire brush to scrub the battery’s terminals with the baking soda mixture.

After any corrosion is removed, rinse the battery terminals with clean water and wipe them with a dry cloth until fully cleaned and dried. Always wear eye protection while cleaning your golf cart battery, as you’re dealing with acid that could cause injury. Consider spraying the terminals with anti-corrosive spray to prevent rust and corrosion buildup.

Keep The Right Amount of Water In Your Battery’s Cells

Golf cart batteries produce energy through electrolytes from water. This means you’ll have to occasionally refill your battery’s cells with water. After charging, add enough distilled water to cover 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the plates. Be careful not to overfill your battery, though, as this can cause an electrolyte overflow. On the other hand, don’t let the water get too low, which will cause sulfation and damage the plates.

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Eventually, all golf cart batteries will need to be replaced, but you can prolong that inevitability by taking care of your current battery. If you have any questions about the proper care of your golf cart battery, consult an expert at a battery supply store. That’s a much cheaper option than having to replace a damaged battery.




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