Can Computer Programmers Trust Chatgpt? Friend Or Foe?

3 min readApr 1, 2023

Pietro Schirano adds, “To me, it seemed like magic.” “I was slightly frightened since it was so wonderful.”

He is discussing the most recent iteration of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) technology. You type anything, and the system generates a response for you.

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The responses are eerily human, amiable, and intelligent. It has a GPT-4 AI model under there. Using ChatGPT, Mr. Schirano, design lead at corporate finance company Brex, has created computer programs.

He typed “I want to make a Pong-like game,” referring to the 1970s Atari table tennis game. What is the ideal language to [use] that will allow the most people to test it?

JavaScript, a computer language that works in browsers, was not only suggested by ChatGPT; it also created the code for a basic game edition.

A skilled developer would have needed thirty minutes to develop what ChatGPT did in 40 seconds. Both the famous arcade games Breakout and Asteroids played well with it.

Now, even a complete novice can build a straightforward web application, claims Mr. Schirano.

Given the abundance of instances online, some claim that it was too simple to recreate these old games.

Ammaar Reshi, design manager at Brex, a colleague of Mr. Schirano, pushed ChatGPT further as a result. He asked it to remake a vintage PC game for which there are no online examples of the source code. You steer a car down a road while jumping over obstacles in the 3D game named Skyroads.

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From the game’s Wikipedia page, ChatGPT was aware of it, and Mr. Reshi explained how it functions. Mr. Reshi explains, “There was a lot of back and forth regarding this one.” “Pretty much an hour of tweaking this and tweaking that.” To adjust the game’s behavior, he would have to test it, then explain how to ChatGPT.

Despite without understanding the particular JavaScript language used to create it or getting access to the show’s code examples, Mr. Reshi was still able to create an online 3D game. No one is implying that ChatGPT would produce contemporary console games; these are little games. But it may also be used to develop any other software or to create a little portion of a larger game.

Nonetheless, some people are hesitant to utilize AI for coding even with the efficiency gains.

Mr. Smith requested that ChatGPT provide some code to calculate the number of days in a specific month. The code appears to be excellent, but due to the British Summer Time change, it incorrectly interprets March as having 30 days, he claims. There is a subtle problem that only manifests itself once a year.

Others have discovered that code created by AI may contain security problems. ChatGPT could imitate improper conduct observed online, ignore flaws, or apply old methods. Moreover, ChatGPT knows little about what will happen after 2021.

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The name of one well-known AI tool reflects the fact that the future of software development is expected to involve collaboration between the developer and the AI helper. A for-profit service called GitHub Copilot automates code completion as coders work. In comparison to ChatGPT, code completion employs a quicker but less precise model.




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