A Look Into Georgian Architecture with David Kezerashvili

The Situation In Tbilisi

To get a good grasp of what’s going on in the city, it’s best to consult someone local. That’s exactly what we did, and today we will discuss David Kezerashvili’s insight into his hometown. As an experienced real-estate developer and entrepreneur, Kezerashivli knows all the ins and outs in Tbilisi. Being born here also helps, allowing him to see what kind of progress has been made with his own eyes. We will also discuss a gem of local architecture built by him right in the middle of the city, Vake Plaza.

The Way Forward

Kezerashvili holds the opinion that removing the communist era remains would allow the city center to be restored. David looks to other old cities in Europe such as Barcelona or Rome as inspiration. The grim grey structures aren’t liked by too many people, and most believe they should be due for demolition. This would allow for much-needed restoration and modern structures to revitalize the city.

Vake Plaza

When discussing Tbilisi’s modern architecture, it is important to mention Vake Plaza. Born in response to demand for office space. Vake Plaza is the modern business center of choice for both foreign businessmen and locals. A place where entrepreneurs gather, and where the future of Georgia’s economy will be largely decided. Georgia’s transition to a free capitalistic market will result in major economic growth but it will not be overnight. As Georgia is moving on past its restrictive communist policy, so does the environment have to reflect that. Vake Plaza is the place for companies that are ready to make that transition as well.

Final thoughts

When the city gets rid of the unsightly crumbling structures that remain in the Post-Soviet Era, it will pave the road for a renewal of the whole city. When more buildings like Vake Plaza or the Public Hall are built, Tbilisi will be able to claim both a beautiful old-town with additional modern architecture.



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