8 Ways to Bounce Back From a Credit Card Account Shutdown

What is a credit card account shutdown?

A credit card account closure takes place if your credit card issuer or the bank stops giving your credit. There are terms and conditions, but no one goes reading them. Credit card issuers have all the right to shutdown your account or suspend it without warning for several reasons. Nonpayment or any fraud suspicion also results in the inactivity of your credit card.

Ways to Bounce Back From a Credit Card Account Shutdown

1. Avoid being default

You are the cardholder, and if you stop your credit card payments, it will shutdown your activity. The card issues do not let you make more transactions on this credit card. It may happen even if you make late payments regularly or fail to catch up and pay on time. You are a default account and are shutdown. The best is paying on time and making limited transactions.

2. Stopped using

If the credit card is not in use, there is the possibility of a shutdown. The issuers close the accounts that are not in use for a while. As such, how often to use the card has no hard-and-fast rule. There is no timeframe. Even paying a small online business bill recurring prevents the credit card account shutdown from happening.

3. Avoid drop in credit score

4. Check credit limit

People going overboard and using the card above the credit limit also have to face the shutdown process. The card issuer may notice the risk that you are not in a position to pay on time. They stop all your loyalty programs, and if they find you are stretching regularly, your credit accounts result in closure. Keep a check on your credit limit to avoid surpassing it.

5. Discontinued card

Credit card companies discontinue periodically some cards. It is as per the situation. You may use the card even when it is not working with new applications. In some cases, you get a new card, while in some; the card issuer closes your card and discontinues it. Keep a watch so that your card does not discontinue, as you will lose the loyalty programs.

6. No breaching of terms

Credit card comes with agreement terms and conditions. Anything breaching the agreement will result in an account shutdown. No matter, whatever is your financial transactions, breaching terms is a violation of conditions. Avoid hyperactivity leading to breaching.

7. Avoid APR penalty

Signing for a card means you agree to the APR penalty if you miss the payment or make a late payment. The APR penalty applies to full balance and new purchases averaging at 29%. The card issuers calculate the missed payment numbers and evaluate your creditworthiness. The penalty APR applies after a missed payment for 60 days at least. Avoid it by paying the monthly obligations with each statement.

8. Set autopay

Keeping a credit card active requires paying the monthly bill. Setting up autopay ensures the streaming of payment methods. The online bank account is convenient for setting up autopay. You may schedule the payments, and it will keep your cards open. It is worth taking the trouble.



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